2 GE Ultra Pro Bar HD 400 Tv HD 1080p 60 miles indoor Amplified Antenna 32763 4K

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2 Pack GE Ultra Pro Bar HD 400 Tv HD 1080p 60 miles indoor Amplified Antenna 32763

The UltraPro Bar HD 400 by GE is the strongest and most reliable HD TV Antenna we've ever carried, delivering more channels and a stronger signal.
Most modern TVs don't have built-in antennas to enjoy over the air channels anymore; you need an external antenna like this one. And this is one of the best!
Simply plug the UltraPro into your TV's cable input and and it will automatically scan for local channels, including HD ones, then enjoy the selection free of any additional charges. Depending on the signal strength, the picture comes in crisp and clear. This antenna is capable of Full HD 1080P and 4K resolution, so it will be even be ready in the near future when the new standard is 4K TV.
Mounting hardware is included to affix the UltraPro to the wall, but you can also use the included "kickstand" to set it up on a tabletop or entertainment center.
If you're tired of paying cable companies, cut that bill completely with this one time purchase and enjoy channels like FOX, ABC, NBC, PBS, CBS and whole lot more!

Features and Benefits:
- Refurbished and a fraction of the retail price
- Cut the Cable Bill
- Receive Basic Local Cable Channels for Free
- Full HD 1080
- 4K Ultra HD Compatible
- Plugs Right into Your TV's Cable Input
- Works Within 60 Miles of the Broadcasting Source
- Lifetime Warranty
- Mounting Hardware Included
- Kickstand Included for Setting Up on an Entertainment Center
- 22 inches (fully extended) X .5 inches X 3 inches